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Hawkeye Paintball Mask (Black) Training/Rental Version

SKU: 17F0220-005535
UPC: 844596036490
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This Hawkeye Training Goggles” is ideal for training and for field rental. The view area is made out soft rubber instead of foam for easy cleaning and it does not soak up sweat. The goggle is soft and flexible for maximum comfort.

The RAP4 Hawkeye paintball goggle is designed with these key features:
- 190° Wide Angle view for better peripheral vision
- Flexible Cheek Protector for comfort and better aiming
- Head Strap to keep goggle from falling down
- Chin Strap to keep goggle safely in place
- Dual Lens with Anti-Fog Treatment
- Compatible with helmets
- ASTM Tested

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