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Tippmann TIPX Pistol Lok Bolt(TM)

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The Lok Bolt(TM) locks out the bolt from firing unless a round is fully chambered, thus preventing a chop.
-Prevent chops
-No mess from paintball chopping
-Best combination with a box magazine
-Reduces air consumption when dry firing,
-Not give away your position from the sound of your gun firing empty, and let your opponent know you are out of ammo.

The patented design of the Lok Bolt (TM) virtually eliminates chopping on your paintball gun

Changes in Gen2 version:
- Shoot paintball, shaped projectiles and First Strike
- Compatible to Tippmann TCR

Installation Notes:
- If you want to shoot the last round with the standard 7 round magazine, do not install the lok-bolt return spring
- Use the lok-bolt return spring with the zeta magazine and  12 round tru-feed magazine

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