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M16 Storage Magazine for Tippmann® A-5® Classic

SKU: 31B0165-005616
UPC: 844596036940
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This extremely easy to install faux magazine is a practical upgrade for your Classic A5—it slides open to reveal a large storage compartment for tools, lube, o-rings...even a small squeegee!

With the M16 Storage Magazine, you get a realistic magazine that perfectly mimics an M16 magazine, and attaches securely to your Tippmann A5. Slide the left side open, and you reveal that handy storage compartment. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and fluted just like a real M16 magazine, this is designed to offer maximum strength while remaining lightweight and looking sharp!

**This will only fit Tippmann A5 markers purchased before 2011!**

Key Features Include:

- Aircraft-grade aluminum construction

- Exact M16-magazine look

- Large storage compartment for tools!

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