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MAX2 Training Powder Ball (Box of 2000)

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We just raised the bar for training projectiles with a ball that is impervious to temperature and weather. Our new MAX2 Training Ball is made of wax, the center is powder, which leaves an obvious mark on impact. This powder fill cannot "settle out" over time, and does not resist acceleration the way liquid and paint fills do - it is the ideal fill for promoting training.

The biggest advantage to the MAX2
Training Balls, over paintballs or any other training round, is how the wax shell is impervious to weather. Their top-quality construction gives these rounds a three year shelf life...minimum. The shell will not get soft during hot desert drills, nor will it swell on humid summer days...or in the rain. Don't throw away any more spoiled paintballs Powder Balls will be intact, rigid, and straight-flying when you need them most. This resistance to deformation also helps improve accuracy, as it means that each ball retains its uniformity.

- Work with ALL existing 0.68cal paintball marker
- Outer Shell is made by water-proof material
- Work in ALL weather condition
- Better accuracy and no shape deform
- Weight 3.6g ± 0.2g
- Extremely long shelf-life (at least few years)
- All material are made by Non-toxic & No harm to human

With the MAX2
Training round, you can train like you're going to fight: in the rain, sleet, snow, or whatever nasty weather challenges you. These rounds are ideal for training in changing, challenging, and downright inhospitable environments.

Training with any .68 launcher, like the acclaimed 468 family of markers. Whatever paintball gun -based training system you have, the MAX2
Training Balls will improve your training experience.

MAX2 Training Ball
Works with all .68 caliber launchers


Impervious to water no yes
Works in rain, hail, sleet, or snow no yes
3 years shelve life no yes
Perform in extreme COLD condition -30F no yes
Perform in extreme HOT condition 120F no yes


2000/box 250/bag


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