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NOVESKE NSR 11 Inch Hand Guard

SKU: S035020-019097
UPC: 844596023674
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  • $119.00

This is the ultra light-weight, über ergonomic Noveske NSR handguard! The NSR was designed with the goal of being the lightest and smallest free floating forend option to the M16 family of weapons. The KeyMod system offers a mounting platform for a variety of accessories and components.

Package include:
- Noveske NSR rail
- 6 x barrel nut screws
- Barrel nut

- Keymod system for variety of accessories
- Ultra light weight rail system
- Ergonomically slim and sleek
- Smooth textured matte black finish
- Component placement at eight different angles
- User friendly mounting Keymod accessories.


**The Noveske barrel nut will not fit on the 468 one piece upper**

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