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BBMS Air Stock Guide Adapter

SKU: 42A0240-015910
UPC: 844596088154
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  • $19.95

This adapter enables you to add a compressed air or CO2 M4 Buttstock to your  marker. It features a receiving port for the RAP4 Stock Guide Rod to which the collapsable M4 Buttstock locks itself into position.

We’ve even engineered a bonus into the Guide Pin Adapter;  each side has a port for the push-button Quick Disconnect Sling Point Attachment. Easily add a single-point sling to your MKV by attaching its push-button Quick Disconnect Sling Ring right to the Guide Pin Adapter!

Key Features:
- Durable metal construction
- Easy installation
- Includes dual Quick Disconnect Sling Ring port

Compatible Markers:
- Tacamo Bolt
- Tacamo Blizzard
- Tacamo Storm
- Tacamo MKV
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