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2018 Sniper Competition Back to Back Win – David Huber’s 468 DMR Triumphs Again

2018 Sniper Competition Back to Back Win – David Huber’s 468 DMR Triumphs Again


When David Huber took aim at the First Strike Sniper Competition at this year’s Oklahoma D-Day, there was more than a championship on the line: as last year’s reigning champion, David aimed for back-to-back victories. His first shot helped him study the wind. His second shot glanced the side of the target, an open-mouthed ammo can 250 feet downrange…
…and his third shot made it ring.

“I was confident I would win,” he said in an MCS-exclusive interview. “But I felt some pressure to retain the title.”

He used his 468 DMR to put one more round on the target, defeating a brutal crosswind, to clinch the title once again.

“Consistency was key,” he explained. “Between the Gen2 valve and the 20-inch rifled Hammerhead barrel, I could trust where rounds landed. At that range with a crosswind, even my misses would have been eliminating human targets.”

This year’s match found twice the number of competitors engaging a much smaller target at 250 feet—more than double last year’s range. David cued up against First Strike capable markers from nearly every manufacturer in the sport, putting twice as many rounds on target as the next closest competitor. His 468 DMR triumphed over T15, SAR-12, and other Custom rifles.

That accuracy is wonderful for shooting targets, but the performance of his DMR really showed in the field. Combined with his mastery of combat marksmanship, sniper team maneuvers, and concealment, he was able to turn the tide of several battles as an Allied OSS player. The reach of his 468 DMR, with the First Strike Round Optimized Hammerhead Barrel, helped him land accurate hits on opponents before he was even in range of their traditional paintball markers.

“My longest confirmed elimination,” David says, “according to Google Earth, was 284 feet. In a MagFed Only Game that is an advantage. In a scenario, it can be a game changer.”

To set up your 468 DMR like David’s, upgrade to the Gen2 valve for phenomenal shot-to-shot consistency and equal distribution of air behind your First Strike round. Use a compressed air tank for the consistent shot to shot pressure, like the tank hidden within his DMR’s retractable stock. Choose a First Strike Round Optimized Hammerhead Barrel, which combines rifling and porting to stabilize your round and propel it turbulence-free from the muzzle. A scope riser helps raise your optic high enough to use it ergonomically while wearing your favorite goggles, and a rugged scope with variable magnification helps you zero in on opponents…and spy on them from a distance to choose your targets wisely.

We’re proud of David Huber’s accomplishments on the field, in the competition, and in growing MagFed Paintball. However you outfit and deploy your magfed 468 DMR, you’ll join David Huber and the best players around the world in evolving paintball into Modern Combat Sport!