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What are MCS Games?

What are MCS Games?

Modern Combat Sports (MCS) is the ultimate combat game that draws upon real military tactics and close quarters battle doctrine to create an authentic force-on-force combat experience.

Modern Combat Sports developed from military and police training that utilizes hyper-realistic—but safe-for-training—compressed air powered, training guns for tactical exercises. Players employ the latest close quarters battle tactics and techniques to complete missions and overcome adversaries. They deploy with load bearing vests or plate carriers containing spare magazines, tactical radios, maps, hydration packs, and other tactical gear. Teamwork and the proper deployment of real support equipment is crucial to completing missions—just like completing missions in a combat theater requires more than just firepower.

Modern Combat Sports requires a focus on tactical and practical skills: marksmanship, communication, coordination, maneuvers, and teamwork under fire. Together with real equipment, battle simulation devices that safely simulate IEDs and mines, and guns that exactly replicate battle rifles, Modern Combat Sports creates a tactical environment unlike any format ever experienced before.

That’s why military and law enforcement units use Modern Combat Sports for their professional force-on-force training, and that’s why players around the world are scrambling to organize Modern Combat Sports games. It’s unlike anything else you’ll experience as a civilian. For professionals, it teaches and reinforces the skills that will save their lives.

And at the end of the day, Modern Combat Sports are more fun than you can imagine.