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MCS Game and Event Consultant

MCS Game and Event Consultant

Paintball has come a long way since the first game was played more than 30 years ago. Today's youth increasingly pursue first person shooting games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and many more. Though they simulate some aspects of paintball, the sport is losing player participants to the videogames. To win new players, the gaming field has to offer something unique or offer something that has appealing similarity to the games that today’s youth love. Paintball has evolved considerably since our first games, and so have our players. Paintball combines excitement, strategy,shooting, and teamwork, into a sport that appeals to a vast demographic…one that already spends considerable money and time on videogames that simulate such things. To earn their business, leading fields increasingly cater to what gamers expect in real life: tactical game play, compelling storylines, the ability to play with—and against—real teammates while executing real challenges…and shooting. Lots and lots of real shooting.

The videogame industry has done a tremendous job of attracting players to tactical video games. Our job at Modern Combat Sports is to help you translate that interest into business at your facility—to create exciting, compelling game play that makes adventure come to life…and converts first time players into regular customers.

MCS is in the game!
MCS has developed and hosted games for civilians and military customers for more than 15 years. Our team helps established fields, as well as up and coming businesses, set up gaming venues that attract new players and keep them returning for more. In our years of experience with retail and military customers, we have developed the formulas, formats, and even the specialized equipment, to attract players and keep them coming back for more!

What MCS does for you?
Whether you are new to the industry or already have an existing operation, the MCS team will create a customized gaming operation that will yield the greatest return on your investment.

1. MCS will survey your land and create the best gaming layout
2. MCS will work with your budget to create the best gaming setup
3. MCS will set you up with rental equipment that suits your budget and events
4. MCS will train your employees and even implement gameplay
5. MCS will analyze your operational costs and provide case studies for profitability

What are MCS games?
The ultimate combat game, Modern Combat Sports (MCS), draws upon real military tactics and close quarters battle doctrine to create an authentic force-on-force combat experience. The sport uses magazine fed markers that shoot standard paintballs or shaped projectiles, and are powered by refillable CO2 and HPA tanks that paintball fields can easily fill. This gear creates an intensely realistic game beyond traditional paintball, and lends itself to the real-world-inspired, hyper-realistic game play that will attract more customers!

Modern Combat Sports creates a game, and a mindset, in which participants immerse themselves in the storyline, props, and missions of the most exciting—and thoroughly real—tactical game available!

What makes MCS different?
Players of MCS games don’t just want to play military style games, they want to look the part as well. MagFed guns, real world tactical gear, and uniforms are essential to the immersive experience of the game, and foster what these customers are looking for. MCS provides the most realistic equipment, as well as props and special effects equipment, to enhance game play and the MCS experience—equipment such as mines, bombs, grenades,and other battle simulation devices.

Increase revenue with MCS games!
Traditionally a gaming venue profits through the sale of paintballs. With MagFed games, players focus more on game play and generally shoot much less paint, meaning that venues lose a portion of their usual profits. MCS helps venues counteract this shortfall by developing unique revenue solutions to help them balance their revenue stream while keeping events affordable to encourage players to return.

The MCS Solution:
MCS creates an immersive gaming solution that caters to your venue, trains your staff, and helps you profit. We make the latest Modern Combat Sports technology available to you, and ensure that your staff knows how to use it. With MCS, you will be able to offer private groups, team building groups, and parties, the most realistic and adrenaline-packed activities possible. You will gain new players, retain more first-timers, offer an attraction for old customers to return, and increase your bottom line!

Contact info@mcsus.com for more information.
MCS Also Provides Private Events for Team and Groups