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What is STL Drill?

What is STL Drill?

STL Drill Competitions are shooting challenges that test both speed and accuracy with paintball gear in a standardized shooting challenge where scores can be compared head-to-head…and online, to see how your skills stack up worldwide!

This competitive format lets players test their marksmanship skills against each other in a fun, meaningful test of fundamental skills: marksmanship, speed, and the ability to engage multiple targets at varying ranges. Each shooter engages a set number of reusable silhouette targets at a fixed distance, shooting for accuracy and speed. The player who neutralizes all of the targets the fastest wins, and your time lets you know exactly where your skills stack up.

The STL Drill Competition highlights paintball sportsmen’s practical skills in a fun, competitive format. Beyond testing marksmanship and speed, this exciting new challenge is a terrific way to highlight our sport!

Inspired by several hugely successful competitive shooting formats, and made truly our own through the utilization of paintball gear and reusable targets, the STL Drill Competition lets players compete with ease. The silhouette targets used for the competition are cleaned quickly with a squeegee, keeping costs down, and the paintball marker you already own is good to go for this competition!

This format allows event promoters and field owners to set up the STL Drill Competition alongside any of their existing events, or even to make it a standalone competition with low infrastructural needs and very straightforward operation. This makes it seamless and effortless to create an added-value event to draw players to fields, to increase the engagement of players between games, and to welcome new players and potential customers with a hands-on competition where the targets don’t shoot back.