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 Here are some answers to your top questions!

What is the STL Drill?
It is a standard drill that tests a shooter’s ability to engage multiple targets at multiple distances, scoring hits all targets. The shooter starts with their marker pointed at the ground, and at the sound of the timer, raises it to engage the the target. The final shot stops the clock automatically, displaying the total time it took you to complete the challenge. The fastest time, with all necessary hits, wins!

Who created the STL drill?
The STL Drill was created by Jerry Miculek. Jerry Miculek is widely considered "The Greatest Shooter of all Time," a living legend in the firearms world. He currently holds multiple world records for his speed and accuracy with all manner of firearms.

What is the MCS STL Drill Competition?
The MCS STL Drill Competition lets shooters compete for the fastest time using paintball markers. Through the www.STLDRILL.com website, players can compare their scores around the world!

Why STL Drill?
In many parts of the world, firearms are not available to civilians. The MCS STL Drill, promoted by Modern Combat Sports, enables all shooters to participate with paintball gear, opening the competitive shooting format to virtually the entire world!

What markers are allowed?
All brands, all makes, and all calibers of paintball markers. MCS MagFed markers have a clear advantage for their accuracy, quality, and ergonomics, but this competition is open to every marker that shoots a paintball!

Is full auto or burst allowed?
Yes, all shooting modes are allowed.

Where can I participate?
At your local field! Just ask your local field operator to set it up. Have them contact Modern Combat Sports with any questions, or for the targets, timers, or markers to host these events.

Is there a fee to participate?
There are no match fees charged by MCS. Any match fees charged by the host fields will depend on the event and other local considerations.

Is there a prize for winning?
Each event has its own prizes, recognition, and accolades. Check each individual event’s details.

Where Can I see the results?
All results reported to MCS can be found online at www.STLDRILL.com

How can I set up MCS STL Drill Competitions at my field?
Just contact info@mcusus.com and we can help you set up at your next event! It’s easy, and we’ll walk you through it.