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MCS Brands

MCS Brands

MCS represents some of the best brands in the paintball industry. Our family proudly includes:

RAP4: One of the oldest names in paintball, RAP4’s name says it all: Real Action Paintball. RAP4 is known for developing some of the most realistic paintball markers on the field, and a range of combat simulation devices in use by players as well as law enforcement and military training units. RAP4 currently manufactures a variety of specialized markers and accessories.

Tacamo: Offers players the MagFed Conversion Kit and purpose-built MagFed markers. Tacamo is the go-to name for transitioning Tippmann, BT, and similar paintball markers into incredibly realistic MagFed markers! Tacamo’s conversion kits are purpose-designed to utilize the proven parts of your original Tippmann A5, 98, or other marker, or similar models from other companies, combining them to create a game-winning, visually stunning new MagFed marker. Tacamo also offers their own line of MagFed markers that players can easily upgrade as missions evolve.

Hammerhead: Has the best paintball barrel on the planet for shaped projectiles like First Strike rounds. Hammerhead’s barrel kits utilize a proven ball sizing system that is known to create some of the most desirable, highest-performing barrel systems for traditional round, as well as shaped, projectiles.

Sinister Gear: Offers a wide variety of morale patches. They also customize PVC patches for teams and events.

USMG: Provides topnotch tactical gear from load bearing vests to mag pouches and much, much more. US Military Gear offers MOLLE system gear and accessories in a range of the latest military and tactical patterns. Whatever you need for your mission, USMG has you covered.

NightStrike: Nightstrike products are manufactured to the highest quality possible! Nightstrike has an active program of researching and engineering innovative products to serve law enforcement, military, and civilian warriors.