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About MCS

About MCS

Modern Combat Sports (MCS) is the emerging leader in combat games, promoting special events and league play that combine world-class facilities with state-of-the-art magfed equipment to grow our sport and promote the most authentic tactical games right at your home field!

We are a division of Defense Innovation which designs, engineers, and manufactures exceptional combat simulation equipment. You can find this equipment at each of our MCS games, in the hands of the best players and leaders in the world. Defense Innovation systems represent the height of authenticity for combat gaming, from realistic ammunition capacity to authentic handling and operation—the perfect equipment for truly tactical games.

MCS is focused on supporting the players in our tactical community, and the event promoters and fields who host our combat games. Through the MCS league, we partner with event promoters and magfed ambassadors to plan, organize, and execute magfed games. MCS arranges outstanding prize packages, assists in marketing, supports organizers and leaders, and make sure the games are as tactical as our players demand. It is our distinct pleasure to present innovative, challenging, and truly authentic combat gaming…and to fully support the players and crews who make our league successful!

What is MCS?
MCS was created by players, for players. We organize, promote, and help host fields execute the most authentic tactical games our sport has ever seen. We are building a competitive league for MAGFED players and those interested in the uniquely realistic, exceptionally challenging, real world combat of MCS. We support our players with exciting opportunities, promotions, networking, and games. We are focused on bringing more new players into the sport, and we are dedicated to supporting our community at events around the world.

MCS is a sports league inspired by paintball, in which players use hyper-realistic air rifles (known as markers) to propel marking projectiles (paintballs) at opponents. The projectiles break on impact to leave a mark of biodegradable fill on their opponent, which eliminates them from the game. These projectiles are commonly known as paintballs, but include shaped rounds and other specialty marking rounds. MCS events are remarkable for requiring magazine-fed, extremely realistic equipment to add authenticity to every game.

What is the difference between the MCS League and other paintball leagues?
The rules of MCS and standard paintball games are generally the same, but the equipment and format can vary greatly. MCS games are often mission-driven, requiring teamwork and strategy beyond what is commonly found in paintball. Another key difference is in the equipment used, as MCS requires equipment that maintains an incredible standard of realism, in part by utilizing detachable magazines to load and reload projectiles.

Players in standard paintball games use markers that feed paintballs from a bulk loader, usually called a hopper. This hopper is a large receptacle on top of the marker that holds several hundred paintballs, providing an amount of ammunition that has almost no parallel in combat, which obscures their ability to aim or view the field, and which doesn’t look very authentic. Additionally, players in standard paintball games shoot thousands of rounds per game because of the nature of these hoppers, which can be reloaded in seconds during play through the use of paintball pods. That volume of fire is not particularly authentic to combat or combat training, and keeps paintball games from becoming as technically challenging and authentic as they could be.

MCS players use markers that contain comparatively limited ammunition, forcing a more authentic focus on marksmanship, teamwork, tactics, and skill. Generally, their projectiles are loaded in magazines that insert into their markers, and which generally hold realistic amounts of ammunition—usually 10 to 30 rounds. Players reload their markers just like authentic rifles and pistols, by swapping magazines during tactical reloads.

There are already paintball leagues, so why do we need the MCS League?
The MCS League bridges standard paintball and MAGFED Paintball. Currently paintball players who want to participate in MAGFED are underrepresented and underserved, while the recreational paintball players who make up 99% of all players in the sport have few opportunities to experience the thrill of truly tactical combat gaming. MCS games are designed for MAGFED players, while remaining accessible to all paintball players through ingenious technology.

Players who use regular semiautomatic and pump action paintball markers can use a MCS stick feed magazine adapter that brings their equipment into line with game rules. This equipment easily attaches and removes from their existing gear, and requires the player to do a complete reload cycle – essentially a magazine change -- when reloading, to keep the playing field even and to require the same marksmanship, tactics, and teamwork of all players.

This innovative technology allows all players to participate in MCS games, whether they are regular paintball players, pump players, or MAGFED players.

What is MCS’ mission for our sport?
MCS’ mission is to grow MAGFED, tactical paintball into a major force in the paintball industry. We are actively seeking participants, game coordinators, and fields to create a network of games that will rival what scenario ‘ball was during its heyday! More games bring more players and create more fun!

What is MCS’ mission for the players?
MCS is working to grow our sport into a competition league where players and teams can compete for substantial monetary prizes. The goal is to grow the prize amount and fame so that the wining prize can actually change the players’ and teams’ lives.

What level of prizes is MCS planning to offer?
Depending on the game size, we will submit a substantial sponsorship package for either our events or to a field hosting a MAGFED or open class scenario event.

For the upcoming competition league, cash and prizes are in the tens of thousands of dollars. MCS’ goal is $10,000 to $100,000 in cash and prizes, through donations, sponsorships, and entry fee compensation.

Are there any companies that MCS will not work with?
MCS welcomes all manufacturers and brands at our events and the events we support. We also invite all manufacturers and brands to attend our events to promote their products and grow paintball!

Is there a brand or product that MCS does not allow at events?
MCS events welcome all manufacturers and brands, as long as the gear is safe to use and the marker requires the player to perform a full reloading cycle, like reloading a magazine or an equivalent action. We also invite all manufacturers and brands to attend our events to promote their products, service your gear, and grow the sport!

What does the MCS logo mean, and what inspired it?
The distinctive MCS logo has a "V" shaped line that forms an "M," a sharp line in the corner to form a "C," two center lines to form an "S," all in white with a red background. One of our founders is an avid anime fan, and drew inspiration for the logo from a series he loves.

How will the MCS League be funded?
A sports league requires a lot of funding to cover overhead expense such as employees, promotions, and development, and to stage each event. MCS is funded through our online store, merchandizing, and sponsorships.

How, exactly, does MCS work to grow the sport?
To grow the sport we have a 3 step plan:

Step 1: Get more players on the field. This is where we work with local players and fields to host games. MCS provides these ambassadors with loaner markers so that new players can try out the gear and participate risk free. More exposure = more players, and that’s good for everyone.

Step 2: Establish more games. With more players on the field, we are able to set up larger games more frequently and work with local fields and stores to have presence at these games and thereby increase the sport’s support.

Step 3: In the future we will host league competition for prizes. Once we have the network of players and fields to coordinate events and have adequate player participation we can launch the league and compete for serious prizes.

How can I help MCS?
There are many ways you can help support the growth of our sports! Here are seven ways you can start right now.

#1. Share our product and game information with your friends, family, and teammates, to help get the word out about MAGFED paintball and MCS events.

#2. Make posts and share game details on social media for any of the events we have on our calendar to get more players to the field…and after the event, too, so everyone sees how much fun it was. They’ll be sure to make it to the field next time!

#3. Be active at your local paintball fields and stores, talking to new players and inviting them to play.

#4. Talk to your home field’s owners and get them to host a MCS event! You, their paying customer, can drive their interest in hosting MAGFED paintball games everyone can enjoy!

#5. Master your own equipment so that you can help other players work on their equipment too. All systems will fail at some point; some fail more frequently than others. In general, assist anyone with malfunctioning equipment and refer to the supplier if the problem cannot be solved on the field. Paintball is an intensely player-driven sport, relying on us to help each other with technical solutions, motivation, and teamwork. The more players that you compete with (and who compete against you), the more fun you have. For our sport to grow, we need to support each other and increase the fun factor!

#6. Display MCS banners, patches, and stickers wherever you go to get the conversation going. Yes, MCS banners, patches, and stickers are free!

#7. Join the MCS MagFed Ambassador Program to help mentor, coach, and distribute loaner markers for new players to try.

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