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Bounty Hunter 101

Bounty Hunter 101

The MCS Bounty Hunter Program is a new, exciting, and fun program that is interactive and engaging for everyone. It leads to real rewards, too, like the latest MCS gear! Whether you are a paintball enthusiast already or don’t play yet, you can still have a lot of fun with the MCS Bounty Hunter Program and earn real gear!

Our goal is to grow the sport by engaging all players, and to create opportunities for new players and existing players to participate in this fun and exciting program. Participants earn Reward Coins based on capturing players ALIVE or TAGGED. These Reward Coins can be redeemed like cash for MCS Gear! Best of all, it is free to participate in the MCS Bounty Hunter Program! All you need is the desire to have fun.

What is the MCS Bounty Hunter Program?

The MCS Bounty Hunter Program is a rewards program that challenges paintball players and non-paintball players alike to interact with some of the leading figures in our sport. To participate, tag out a wanted player with a paintball marker (and take a picture of them) or capture them in a selfie off the field so we see you, too. Validated photos submitted through our site www.moderncombatsports.com earn Reward Coins you can redeem like cash for MCS gear!

Who can participate?
Everyone can participate! With the opportunity to capture wanted players ALIVE off the field, the MCS Bounty Hunter Program is open to non-players as well.

What makes an ALIVE capture?
Simple! All it takes is the right photograph. You capture a wanted player ALIVE when you take a photo with them, while they’re holding up a CAPTURED CARD. Both you and the captured person must be in the photo for a valid reward claim. Make it fun, and be safe. Since these photos need to show your faces, only take them off the field, in a safe area. Alive captured photos will not be accepted unless any markers in the photos have barrel safety devices in place. 


What makes a TAGGED capture?
A wanted player is TAGGED when you tag them with your paintball marker during a paintball game. After tagging the wanted person you need to take a photo of them holding their CAPTURED CARD. The tagged person by himself or herself must in the photo holding the CAPTURED CARD, with their face visible (which means taking the picture off the field, in a safe location) for a valid reward claim.



Can more than one person claim the same bounty?

Yes, multiple people can claim the bounty. If the bounty is still open, you can make the claim.

What if the wanted person refuses to take an ALIVE or TAGGED photo?
If the wanted person doesn’t want, or refuses, to take a CAPTURED photo, you cannot make the claim and the wanted person will remain at large.

A CAPTURED CARD is a uniquely designed card that you can print out and carry with you. This is the card that the wanted person must hold when you take their photo, to validate your capture and claim the reward. A new CAPTURED CARD will be made available each month!

An EVENT CAPTURED CARD is a uniquely designed card that can only be used at a specific EVENT for capturing the wanted person. This is the card that the wanted person must hold when you take their photo to validate your capture and claim the reward.

Why do I need to change my CAPTURED CARD?
The CAPTURED CARDS are changed each month to make sure that each ALIVE or TAGGED capture is new, and not an old photo that has been taken previously.

What happens if I use an old CAPTURED CARD in my photo?
Your claim will not be rewarded.

How can I make the claim?
Open the appropriate page for the wanted person you captured, click on “Claim Bounty,” and fill out the claim form. You can only make one claim per bounty! If you captured a TAGGED bounty and an LIVE bounty, you need to choose one to make the claim. Once your claim is successful you can longer make a claim on that  bounty.

How do I know if my claim was successful
Once your claim is validated, you will be notified by email.

How can I nominate a wanted person?
Send an email to bounty@mcsus.com with the following information  (1) the photo (2) name (3) what the person is wanted for. Be sure to include the wanted person’s contact information or facebook link, if you have it.

How can I setup bounty for events:
To setup wanted bounty for your event, here is the process.
1. Post up your event at www.mcsus.com/pages/events. You can use MCS logo (www.mcsus.com/pages/logos) on your flyers.
2. For each wanted person provide (1) the photo (2) name (3) what the person is wanted for.
3. Please email to bounty@mcsus.com and we will set it up for you.

Can I buy real gear with my Reward Coins?
Absolutely! You can redeem your MCS Reward Coins in exchange for store credit for MCS merchandise at www.moderncombatsports.com