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Join The Hunt! MCS Bounty Program GO LIVE!

Join The Hunt! MCS Bounty Program GO LIVE!

Get ready to capture some wanted players with the Modern Combat Sports Bounty Program! Real players have real bounties, and with this exciting program, you’re the bounty hunter. Capture or eliminate some of the finest players in our sports, and you will earn Reward Coins that are redeemable for some of the latest magfed gear on the market! Redeeming those Reward Coins is easy…

…and earning them is a lot of fun.

Get started at www.mcsus.com, and download the current Captured Card. Print it out and keep it with you every time you go to the field. Before you deploy, check out the Wanted section of the MCS website to see the wanted players still at large.

Then when you find a wanted player—like lead designer Omar Macy, or the head of the opposing team, or any of dozens of other figures—you “capture” them by taking an off-field selfie with them holding up your Captured Card. Be sure that we can see their face and yours, and that means being absolutely certain that you’re in an off-field, safe location to not be wearing goggles. This picture of the player holding up your Captured Card is proof that you got ‘em!

If you meet a wanted player on the field, and you’re on the other team, tag ‘em out! Then follow them to the safe area and take that picture of them holding up your Captured Card. In this way, you “eliminate” them. Capturing and eliminating these wanted players are worth different amounts of Reward Coins…

…so hone your strategy, stay sharp, and go get your mark!

Upload that photo of the wanted player you captured or eliminated to your account. Once we validate your claim, we’ll award you the bounty. New wanted players are added all the time, and wanted players can go live again. Our designers at Modern Combat Sports create new Captured Cards each month, too, so you can download the current Captured Card design to prove that your capture is the first one of the month…and get that Reward Coin bounty all to yourself! 

We’re proud to roll out the MCS Bounty Program as a fun way to support our players and grow the sport. Players have the unique opportunity to eliminate our wanted players on the field, while everyone who participates in the MCS Bounty Program—whether a player, an industry figure, a friend, or just a fan—can capture wanted players off the field. Your Reward Coins are redeemable for real gear, helping you upgrade your magfed marker or start from scratch with the best gear available to the tactical gaming community.

Just like bounty hunting in the Wild West, it pays to eliminate or capture the most notable figures in our sport…and it’s fun to pose with them, too!

Learn more at www.mcsus.com. Check out the latest wanted players right here: www.mcsus.com/blogs/bounty/