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New Paintball World Record!: Eli Haecker's Impossible World Record 363 Feet Shot

New Paintball World Record!: Eli Haecker's Impossible World Record 363 Feet Shot

Eli Haecker and Tacamo Set New World Record!

Did you hear about the new Guinness World Record? Modern Combat Sports is thrilled to celebrate Eli Haecker’s new world record, featuring the performance of our Tacamo Vortex Reacher Bolt Action Sniper Paintball Gun.

The previous record was set by Chris Charnley in 2011, at an astonishing 246 feet, 6 inches. How did Eli beat that? Here’s an exclusive interview with the man himself.

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Eli, how long have you played paintball?
>>>> I’ve played paintball for about 8 years now. I got started just by going to play with some friends at our local field in Anderson, Indiana. I have since started a team (Riptide Paintball) and have attended and even commanded many games all over.

How did you prepare to make this World Record shot?
>>>> Preparing for the shot was definitely not easy. We constantly were pushing the limits and testing how far a paintball could travel under normal field guidelines (under 300 fps, and outdoors). The approval time for Guinness was extremely long and grueling, too.

How fast was your velocity? And how far away was that target?
>>>> That day, my Tacamo Vortex Reacher was shooting at 277 feet per second. That’s good for just about any field. The target was verified as measuring 2 feet tall by 2 feet wide. The survey crew verified the shooting line was 121 yards from the target. The time came to push the limits and make the shot, and after 24 shots I hit the target (with standard round paintball), breaking the previous world record! That record was 246 feet, 6 inches. My shot landed on-target at 363 feet!

What inspired you to attempt this World Record shot?
>>>> Paintball has always been a huge part of my life, whether it is building my own guns, or collecting them, or making friends at events. I have built a reputation for myself for being a sniper. The people and teams we have met along the way have made playing the sport ten times better. Pushing the boundaries of paintball is truly what inspired me to break the record, and I believe that there is still some room to go farther!

What do you like about paintball?
>>>> The best part about paintball is the adrenaline rush of completing your objective with your best friends. Paintball is truly an adventure like no other!


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Congratulations, Eli, from all of us at Modern Combat Sports. We probably won’t see you on the field, because you’ll be shooting us from too far away, but we look forward to celebrating your success in the staging area. Shoot straight, and play hard!