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Paintball Camp At Hemlock Wilderness with Team Defiance

Paintball Camp At Hemlock Wilderness with Team Defiance

The young men at Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp will never forget their paintball adventure, and we’re looking forward to seeing them at future events! Modern Combat Sports is excited about opportunities to partner with teams and organizations to grow the sport and make MagFed paintball accessible to new players, and this event was particularly successful!

Modern Combat Sports and Team Defiance recently introduced the campers to MagFed paintball. MCS provided a loaner fleet of paintball markers. Team Defiance set up the markers, squared away some fields, and put the games in motion so the Hemlock Wilderness Camp boys could experience the game we love…

…and so they could experience it in its most exciting form: all MagFed, all the way!

With the focus on teamwork and strategy, executing plans and implementing leadership, MagFed paintball is the perfect complement to team building exercises, especially for summer camps! MagFed paintball pairs very well with curriculums that promote healthy adventures in the outdoors. It was amazing to see how well the campers took to our sport, and how quickly they picked up on the value of communication and the importance of strategic planning.

They also demonstrated solid marksmanship, which they honed throughout the games! The MagFed markers in our loaner fleet are engineered with a very natural point of aim, authentic controls, and modern ergonomics, which helps even inexperienced shooters get on target quickly. The MagFed design puts the focus back on teamwork, tactics, and marksmanship, by limiting ammunition to more realistic amounts. With the need for precise shot placement and teamwork, the campers’ shooting skills and leadership improved noticeably throughout the day!

Team Defiance is the MCS MagFed Ambassador Team that did an outstanding job making this event happen! They pulled out all the stops to make this event memorable for the Hemlock Wilderness Brigade campers. Team Defiance regularly focuses their efforts on charity events and creative promotional engagements like this one. They host and organize paintball events throughout the year, and have raised thousands of dollars for different charities to make a difference in hundreds of lives. When paintball combines with charitable events, everyone wins.
Team Defiance is the leading ambassador for MagFed paintball! Their team has markers of every brand, and are not exclusive to any one company! This means that members of Team Defiance are knowledgeable about a wide selection of gear, and are able—and willing—to help players who need support for just about any MagFed marker. Their eagerness to help other players, arrange charity events, and troubleshoot gear for teammates and opponents alike!
Team Defiance members put others before themselves while having fun and doing good things, making them role models for our sport! Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp did a great job partnering with Team Defiance to introduce their campers to our sport!

To follow the team and let them know that you support their outstanding sportsmanship, check out Team Defiance’s Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/TeamDefiancePB/