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Sniper Champion at Oklahoma D-Day – David Huber Takes Top Title with 468 DMR!

Sniper Champion at Oklahoma D-Day – David Huber Takes Top Title with 468 DMR!


David Huber, wielding his 468 DMR, approached each target with absolute confidence, knowing that each round was securely seated into the chamber by the rock-solid bolt action. Using the high-power scope and FSR optimized, rifled Hammerhead Barrel, he delivered perfectly placed shaped projectiles round after round to win the First Strike Sniper Competition at Oklahoma D-Day!
There were three targets, just three shots, and a range 100 feet long with a hot, dusty crosswind… His customized 468 DMR, with its high power scope, adjustable riser, rifled barrel, and ergonomic handles, powered by a compressed air tank discretely tucked into its adjustable stock, beat out Tiberius T-15’s, a Carmatech SAR-12, and an Engler Custom rifle.

 David was up against some fierce competition, and some tough biases, as mag-fed paintball has only recently become integrated into the mainstream. As he explained in an exclusive interview with Modern Combat Sports, “As soon as shaped projectiles hit the market, I realized that they are going to be the future of the sport. For the last 2 years, I have been selling off my space-guns and I now have a fully mag-fed arsenal. For me, a magfed marker is a platform for firing shaped projectiles and right now I only shoot First Strikes.”
 The accuracy of the 468 DMR with First Strike Rounds, and the man’s ability to put them to swift, effective use, were both tested under the brutal Oklahoma sun during one of the world’s largest paintball games. He deployed deep behind enemy lines with the OSS unit to wreak havoc on the Axis team, picking off high-value personnel, executing special missions, thwarting counter attacks, and disrupting troop movements. …and with all of his ammunition being First Strike Rounds, he was much better off than his adversaries as the humidity climbed.
 His 468 DMR easily out-performs the traditional paintball markers fielded by many of his opponents, giving him a competitive edge. “If you put two snipers with First Strikes at the front of the line,” he said, “a dozen well-placed shots can take the momentum out of an opposing advance before it even gets within normal range.” Combined with his dedication to real-world tactics, practical concealment and camouflage, and well-coordinated teamwork, David was able to deploy his mag-fed arsenal against adversaries both near and far across the battlefield.
 Even though he has been playing for over 15 years, by the end of the week David had earned a lifetime of stories, credentials on the Allies’ OSS team, and a new title to bring back home: Champion of the First Strike Sniper Competition. “At the final team dinner, my team captain, Alan, said something to the effect of ‘We were all skeptical of MagFed players in general and I was skeptical of paintball snipers specifically. I didn’t think they could be effective, but you have made me believe.’”
 “Being able to hit exactly what I’m aiming at,” David said in an exclusive interview with Modern Combat Sports, “more than makes up for the time between shots.” …and set David apart at the First Strike Sniper Competition as well. Coming out on top of a field of fierce competitors, he proved his capabilities and those of the 468 DMR in a practical challenge of tactical marksmanship.
 “My longest confirmed elimination,” David continued, “according to Google Earth, was 284 feet. In a Magfed Only Game that is an advantage. In a scenario, it can be a game changer.”
 His 468 DMR fires from the closed bolt position for maximum accuracy, and utilizes an enhanced bolt action – style operation that provides absolute reliability and maximum accuracy potential through operation that is nearly identical to the actions found on top military sniper rifles. Most importantly, the combination of 468 DMR and shaped projectiles delivers unsurpassed accuracy and range that enable him to accurately engage opponents beyond the effective range of their traditional paintball markers.
MCS is proud of David’s achievement, and all the good work he—and his 468 DMR—are doing to change the game of paintball into Modern Combat Sport!