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Swordfish Rail System Now Available

Swordfish Rail System Now Available


Now available to upgrade your marker! Swordfish Rail System is compatible with paintball guns with a top rail. It is attached by using one or two hook attachment lug provided, depending on where the hooks are located on the top rail of each paintball gun. Simple and easy attach and upgrade. Order a Swordfish Rail System for your gun!

Compatible to all paintball guns with top rail:
468, T15, Milsig M17, K-Series, Tacamo Hurricane, Tacamo MKP, Tacamo MP7, Tacamo Tornado, Tippmann TMC, MG100, DYE DAM, TGR2/MAXTACT, Spyder MRX, Spyder MR5, Spyder MR6, Tacamo Vortex, Milsig M5

Samples of how your paintball gun can look like with the swordfish rail:

Tippmann TMC Swordfish

MG100 Swordfish

DYE DAM Swordfish

Blizzard Swordfish

M17 Swordfish

TGR/MAXTAC Swordfish

Hurricane Swordfish

T15 Swordfish

Milsig M5 Swordfish

Vortex Swordfish

468 Swordfish