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2 vs 2 Simulation Tournament( 2016 Dec 03)

2 vs 2 Simulation Tournament( 2016 Dec 03)

Cost $50 per team
Cost sim-rounds $40 per box
Must be pre-registered before event day. Link coming soon

Guns and face masks will be provided. 
Mandatory Gear you must provide. 
* gloves
* chest or body protection. Tactical vest or plate carrie is allowed
* groin protection
* neck protection
* long sleeve ONLY no short sleeve or tshirt. You can wear double clothing
* you can wear shine padding, elbow padding, slider short padding. 

* double elimination tournament 
* winners move to 1/2nd brackets 
* losers fall to 3/4th brackets 
* 3 minute games 
* 5 flag control points 
* most flags at end of time wins 
* if flags are equal at end of time. Time breaker will be resolved by 1 shot closes to bullseye wins 
* all body and gear shots count. Including your gun. 
* if you rub up against a simulation round and mark yourself you will be eliminated. So don't wipe off.


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