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Bad Guy Brawl (2018 September 28)

Bad Guy Brawl (2018 September 28)

Bad Guy Brawl

First Strike Paintball  
 5619 SE Co Rd 337, Newberry, FL 32669, USA

 Start Date 
09/28/2018 08:25 am
 end time 
09/30/2018 08:25 am
DR.J PRODUCTIONS presents Bad Guy Brawl, a Paintball Scenario event dedicated to villains! Side with Nasty Nate as Death Stroke and his team of assassins or Big Country as Venom with his sentient alien army as they battle to claim the Ultimate Bad Guy title. Shenanigans will be afoot all weekend long. If you're tired of seeing heroes get all the attention then this is the event for you! In the great words of Harvey Dent aka Two-Face: "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."