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Battle for Monte Casino (2018 Apr 7)

Battle for Monte Casino (2018 Apr 7)

This event features two days of battles based on the historic beach landing at Anzio and assault on Monte Cassino. The game features missions, props, tanks, medics, bazookas, contests, prizes, and much more. This year features Axis general Bud Orr with his XO Josh Cooper Smith VS. Allied general Dan Colby with his XO Tony Odinson.


By March 31st - $40
After March 31st - $50

Prepurchase by March 24th save $5 per case.
Event Pricing:
Valken Infiniti - $60 a case
Valken Graffiti - $68 a case

We recommend that you prepay for paint if you want to upgrade to Graffiti. We preorder the amount of Graffiti based on what is prepaid for.

See you at the Abbey!