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Battle Of Saigon (2016 April 23)

Battle Of Saigon (2016 April 23)

US Army Rangers vs.PLAF aka Viet Cong
Military style weapons only!!!
This event will be unlike any Magfed
Event you have ever experience. 100% mission base none stop action so come out and see how we do magfed games in Tennessee I promise you don't want to miss out!!!!!!!!

First Strike Round - YES
Cold Smoke - YES
Sound Grenades- YES
Paint Grenades - YES
Rocket launcher- Yes
Marblizer special custom blend ( it's a good blend for magfed I promise)

Entry fee $40 with 500 rounds 

MAGFED RULES!!!!!!!!!! 

Barrel covers have to be used at all times off the field. ( mags out or airlines disconnect do not count as the same) 

Chrono has to be performed at the beginning of the day. If you are shooting First strike rounds at any point of the day YOU MUST CHRONO WITH THE FIRST STRIKE ROUNDS NOT ROUND BALL. 

No blind fire 

Rocket launchers are to be fire at select targets that is marked as a red triangle only never should a rocket launcher be fired at a person. 

Riot shields are mission based only. 

Box mags will be distributed evenly on both sides(1 per 5 man team 2 per 10 man team) 

The marker MUST have a removable magazine No pods, stick feeds speedball guns or pumps allowed on the field. 

If you are hit you must call you hit and exit the field with your marker in the air. 
Bounces do not count if the paint hits you and does not break you are still in the game. If you are unsure as to if the round broke then call a ref or a fellow player to check for you. 

No first strike use in CQB fields! 

Surrender rule is in effect but remember they DO NOT have to accept it. 
If you bunker someone aim low and NEVER go for the head shot close range. 

Full Auto fire is allowed 

EOD will be the only one responsible for setting and disarming explosion devices. 

Medics 1 per 5 man team. 2 per 10 man team. 

Medics can heal any part of the body except a direct shot to the head if shot in the head players must return to home base or respawn point for immediate reinsertion. Only medics can heal medics. If a medic is shot in the head he or she must return to home base and wait for 5 minutes before reentry. 

All completed missions are worth 100 points all game props are worth 50 points. 

Camping is permitted 
But if you rather get a hotel click on the HERE and it should give you a list of hotels near the park! 


Email info@mcsus.com event information to add your event to this page