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BLACK DAWN 2 : BADLANDS (20019 March 30)

BLACK DAWN 2 : BADLANDS (20019 March 30)

Where do we begin?

Sucre, Bolivia

The country has become increasingly unstable since the emergence of HAE CARTEL, a previously minor Mexican drug cartel. Lead by Jim “Avalanche” Rost they gained more power and influence within the country, causing it to become a narco-state, and the largest producer of cocaine in the world.. Controlling 80% of the cocaine production world wide the rise in power of this drug cartel concerned the United States Government. As a result The HAE’s influence has begun to spread. Worried about an epidemic the United States initiates Operation Black Dawn, a joint operation between the CIA, DEA, and JSOC. The United States Army dispatches a fireteam to destroy the cartel. However the mission was a failure….

Without warning a bomb targets the U.S. embassy in Sucre and its intended target, DEA Director Mike “Iceman” Mowery, is kidnapped, tortured and then killed by the H.A.E.

Mazamari, Peru..

Already a narco-state, authorities have no control any longer. The government lives in fear as the I.M.C lead by Seth “Zeus” Horne runs the country. His sicarios are ruthless and will not hesitate to kill. Their tactics of torture, beheading, and violent acts has government officials hiding in the shadows in fear of this ruthless cartel. Business is good for Zeus, and he is feared by all in Peru. However with 80% of the cocaine production coming from Bolivia he wants more... Zeus has no care or respect for boundaries or territories... He only cares for the I.M.C ,and now he wants Bolivia and everything in it. The only thing standing in his way.....….