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Cartel War (September 19th, 2020)

Cartel War (September 19th, 2020)

Cartel Wars is the mastermind of our very own Ivan “Ivanski” Aqunio. Taking place over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday is a fun this Mag Fed & 1st Strike Paintball event in which the Carel Del Sur takes on the Cartel Del Norte. There are appointed Cartel Boss’s (General, XO, 2 Commanders) for each side, and multiple missions planned

  • PICK YOUR SIDE – are you Norte or Del Sur? Where does your loyalty lie?
  • Multiple missions (here’s a sneak peak at just a few of them)
  • Saturday: Fight for the Plazas: 6 flags – Your Cartel must capture and defend those flags while some players (Narcos) are fighting to take over and defend the Plazas. There will be stolen kilos of (pretend) cocaine and Marijuana hidden in places all over the field. You team earns bonus points for gaining control of them.
  • Sunday Mission: 2 “Kidnapped” members will need to be rescued by a group of Sicarios designated by each side. Also, 2 stash houses will need to be defended as each side tries to steal the “money” and “drugs”. Eliminate the Cartel bosses and you side gets a bonus.
  • Waivers to participate MUST be signed.
  • Please check in at your designated time.
  • Due to COVID NO ONE will be admitted to the park with any illness symptoms. *Masks (face coverings should be worn)
  • Each player will be scanned for Temperature upon arrival. Anyone who has a temperature will not be admitted and refund will be given. We have to protect all our players.
  • The owners will camp onsite to ensure a safe and enjoyable evening is had by all.
  • Rules must be followed.
  • Propane Grill only allowed for evening grilling.


  • $75 per person (early bird registration) includes play Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • $90 per person (regular entry fee) 
    • Discounted paint, smoke & frag grenades and first strikes if purchased on line prior to the event.
    • Event T-shirts and Sweatshirts available for preorder and also for purchase at the field.
    • Event Patches available
REGISTRATION: https://www.gladiatorpb.com/event/cartel-wars-2/