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Conquering Hell (2017 May 20-22)

Conquering Hell (2017 May 20-22)



Stryker Presents: 

Conquering Hell happening May 20-21, 2017 at Desert Storm Paintball in Harker Heights, TX.


The Great War has been raging for 3 long years. Despite all efforts, the Central Powers and Allied Powers have been locked in a bloody stalemate. Allied forces realize that if they could secure the railway hub in the area it would cutoff support for the Central Powers thus launching a crucial battle, the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, as part of the Grand Offensive. After nearly 45 hard fought days, the Battle of Argonne Forest was at a tipping point. If the Central Powers forces can hold off the attacking Allied Forces for a few more days, they will be able to secure the area for their next supply train. Though both sides are tired and spent from the past weeks of fighting, they both know what losing this battle could mean...Losing the Great War.

Commanding for the American side will be Wade 'Zeus' Williams of Task Force Tiger

Leading the German Empire will be Dan 'Spartacus' Pianfetti of The Hellions

Join us for a Stryker production out at Desert Storm Paintball in Harker Heights, Texas!


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