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Goodfellas Big Game (2016 April 02)

Goodfellas Big Game (2016 April 02)


Role Players:
Godfather Hercules Papadogiannis 
3rd ENTITY Jose Ho 
Banker Craig Rutledge

Game Details:
GOODFELLAS is just that. A world full of gangsters, violence, sex, drugs, money and power. With great power comes Mobsters or better known as Mob Bosses. You and your team will have to take control of several cities around the world. Marking it as your turf. Your house. Your power.
Mob Boss “Sean Fisher” controls most of the territory in Europe. As for the other side of the globe in North America we have Mob Boss “Frederick McYoung”.

Sitting at the top of the ranking is the untouchable Godfather himself “Hercules Papadogiannis” For several years the godfather has kept things in order between the two top mob bosses and it is his business to continue to do so, but as his time is coming up and he's getting older he is looking for his new replacement to take charge of the empire he has create and ran since day one. With nobody left in his immediate family to take over the family, he looks at both Sean Fisher or Frederick McYoung. 

Over the last couple of months both families are seeking more control. More power. They both want the other boss out of the picture for good. They want it all, and will do just about anything to get it. They trust nobody. Not even their own. What they both don't know is that there is a new kid in town. He's got good looks, money and power. Who is he? Nobody really knows. Where is he? All over. 

Who will be the number 1 Mob Boss next in power?


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