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Halloween (2018 October 27)

Halloween (2018 October 27)

Halloween (2018 October 27 -28)

The Gotchaspielfeld in Poland under German management on the border Forst - Brandenburg only 110 km from Berlin, was opened after a one-year preparatory period from 2008 .

With 20  pitches on 33 ha. Playing surface it is the largest paintball field in Europe. Here the legendary Big Game scenario takes place twice a year, arriving to the more than 1,000 players from all over Germany, but also from other European countries. Other highlights include the bunker tour offered by the "Secret Bunker Forest" and the tank ride on one of our three original armored vehicles! - T 55 Main Battle Tank - OT 64 SKOT armored personnel carriers - Praga M59 armored personnel carriers, tanks, and drive yourself, airsoft and outdoor play laser tag - We EVERYTHING is possible