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Indiana Jones and the Revenge of the Ancients (2016 May 14)

Indiana Jones and the Revenge of the Ancients (2016 May 14)

Or story begins Immediately following Dr. Jones’ adventures and having discovered the Arc of the Covenant and safely returning it “for research” and to be studied by U.S. Army Intelligence’s top men. 

Now on the U.S. Government payroll, Dr. Jones has been approached for another urgent mission to stop the Nazi search for ancient mystic artifacts and their fascination of these ancient powers to build their Third Reich. According to the Mayan legend, the Mazatec Power Key controls the pulse of the Earth. Dr. Jones is commissioned by the U.S. Army to head to Mexico in order to find this relic. The goal is to stop the Nazi team lead by Dr. Franz Plebinheim. Once entering Mexico, our hero and his U.S. Army escort team make their way to the Tepotzteco Pyramid, deep in the jungles around the Yucatan Peninsula. 

The Nazi’s believe that this Power Key can be used to develop a weapon that can unleash the power of the Earth itself, drawing from the inner channels of energy swirling in the Earth’s core. Activation of such a weapon would surely bring the wrath of Ah- Puch (pronounced Ah – Poosh) Lord of Xibalba. Ah-Puch was the god of death and plague however he was also the god of rebirth and new beginning. Nazi zealots believed that his power as contained in the key. This ancient god was worshipped by both the Mayan’s and the Aztec under the name Mictlantecuhlti. 

Chased by the Nazi’s, Dr. Jones barely escaped capture after departing Mexico City, while attempting to infiltrate the camp of Dr. Plebinheim and the Nazi conspirators. Local clerics were preparing a ritual to cleanse the spirit of the Nazi and his troops, as Dr. Jones and company stumbled across their ceremony and took a piece of the map and rune stone leading the rumored ancient city of Xlatiquati on the trail of the Mazatec Power Key. Dr. Jones and his expeditionary force, had to make a hasty retreat through an Alligator filled swamp, back into the jungles. 

With each side seeking the rune stones to lead them to the Tepotzteco Pyramid, Dr. Jones and the Nazi’s race with their forces to control the power of the Ancients. Will it be Revenge? Or will it be Reverence? Could this ancient power or curse be at the heart of a legendary power to control the Earth itself? Earthquakes…Tsunamis….Volcanoes….All at the whim of those who hold the power! Can Dr. Jones and his team stop the Nazi expedition? Only you can decide. 

BLUE TEAM: Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones and the U.S. Army Expeditionary Force 
RED TEAM: Dr. Dr. Franz Plebinheim and German/Nazi Forces
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