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MAG 12 FSR Only Charity Game  (2018 Apr 8)

MAG 12 FSR Only Charity Game (2018 Apr 8)

This is a pre registration event. No walkons. Event FSR only Sunday. Registration and FSR sales close March 27 at midnight. There will be no refund if you registered and don't buy our paint. Saturday (included) is open magfed play, BYOP, roundball allowed.

Sunday Raffle-
1) Spankin new First Strike T15 courtesy of Contact Front Photography.
2) Armagillo dredwrap and black voodoo mesh.
3) Armagillo Snap back- both courtesy of Armagillo Inc.
4) giant FSR courtesy of WASP Industries
5) complimentary photo prints from event photographer, Dizzotography
6) Maritime Milsim Podcast Tee’s

Saturday Raffle-
1) A First Strike capable marker (to be announced) courtesy of Shadow Syndicate
2) 1 comp. Entry to Dominion 4 Famine MFOG courteMAGFED PROSHOPROSHOP thanks to your Red general, Caesar

Silent Auction. Opening bids will be posted here sometime before the event.
1) A Tippmann TMC, 2 extra magazines, and an EVS mask. CourteGI Sportz Paintballntball, thanks to your Blue General, Sizzle.
2) A First Strike FSC with GHOST WORKS kydex holster, courtesy of MAG, Contact Paintball and Doug Logan.
3) A First Strike T8.1 with Ghost Works kydex holster “ “
4) A Tippmann TiPX with Ghost Works kydex holster “ “

1)First 20 pre register get Team Tags, courtesy of Magfed Action Games
2) first 20 pre regs are entered into a drawing to win one of 5 boxes of FSR courtesy of First Strike and Contact Paintball.
3) pre register before January 28 to enter a drawing for an FSR Only Game Jersey, courtesy of Weltz Paintball.

Sizzle Nivlac (blue) is for local 163 Veterans Committee.
Caesar Cisneros (red) is for Sate Jude Children’s Research Hospital