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JULY 20/21/22, 2018

A truly Exciting MAGFED ONLY Weekend starting with Tactical Training Seminars Saturday morning followed by the BIGGEST, BADDEST ATTACK & DEFEND Game brought to MAGFED: “CASTLE CONQUEST”. Three to One Ratio of Attackers to Defenders. Sunday brings CONQUER THE FLAG which is a series of Capture the Flag Games.

CASTLE WAR is the second LARGEST, NASTIEST CASTLE that exists in paintball right behind CASTLE AAARRGH. With over 22,000 square feet of playing area within its walls, H.Q. WAR sports two stories of playing and a full two story 8’ to 16’ deep rampart completely encircling a courtyard of buildings, towers, and barricades. The corridors below the ramparts are full of staggered walls, windows, and doorways leading into the courtyard. With only 4 openings from the outside into the courtyard and two gang ramps from the Siege Machines onto the upper ramparts, this Castle is a fight to enter from Game On!
Facing the Castle Front Wall (Considered WALL 1) is TIPPMANN TOWN 2.0, a large town with numerous buildings surrounded by Speedball Courses on all 4 sides and only 200” from CASTLE WAR’s Front Door. To the right of the castle is WALL 2 which faces CASTLE NUMBSKULL with woods, stone fences, and barricades throughout. The back wall (WALL 3) is faced with trees and bunkers backed by a downhill sloping ridge. To the left (WALL 4) there is a mixture of trees, barricades, and buildings before hitting a downward slope.

After the Event Play is over for the day, ENJOY EMR’s OTHER AMENITIES such as Outdoor Volleyball, Horseshoes, Cornhole, Kan Jam, Bocce Balls, and the traditional Bon Fire plus Ping Pong, Beer Pong, Foosball, and Cards upstairs in our full Rec. Center. Our On-Site RC Track will also be open Both Friday and Saturday Evenings for Racing under the Lights. The EMR Store now Carries ICE, FIREWOOD, CAMPING SUPPLIES, and SPORT SMOKE along with Food, Snacks, Beverages, and Paintball/Airsoft Equipment!


All Prices include 6% PA Sales Tax. Entry for this Exciting Magfed Only Weekend is Only $40 and FIRST STRIKE ROUNDS are Only $85 per Box/250 and BLUE’S CREW Custom VALKEN Field Paintballs are only $65 per Case of 2000 and $20 per Bag of 500 if Pre-paid by 7/8/18 and includes the entire Weekend of Magfed Excitement, CO2, Compressed Air, and Player’s Party. Entry is FREE for all ACTIVE US & Canadian MILITARY if Pre-regged by 7/8/18. Entry is also FREE for all 2018 EMR PASSHOLDERS if Pre-Regged by 7/8/18.

Only the FIRST 40 PLAYERS that Register to Defend will be guaranteed Defender’s spots. Those that request Defending after the first 40 will go on a waiting list to see what the final numbers are and then it will be adjusted to keep the same ratio of Attackers to Defenders of 2 to 1.

You can also PRE-PAY SPORTS SMOKE by 7/8/18 at the Discounted Price of $10.00 ea or 6 for $58 for the Tactical Smoke Grenades (TSG) and $20 ea or 6 for $115 for the Battlefield Smoke Grenade (BFG).

Entry is then $45 and Cases of Paint $70 and Bags of Paint $22.50 until 7/15/18. All Entries include choice of Unlimited CO2 & Compressed Air or the Standard Rental Package consisting of a TIPPMANN Semi-Auto Marker, Goggles, CO2 Bottle, and unlimited CO2.

Entry at the Event is $50 for the Weekend, FSR will be $90 per Box/250 in limited quantities, Paintballs will be $75 per Case of 2000, and $25 per Bag of 500.Smoke will be $11 each for TSG or 6 for $58 and $21 each for BFG or 6 for $115. EMR is a FIELD ONLY PAINTBALL FACILITY!

Event Schedule


5:00 PM
Store Opens for Pre-Registration and Registration and Paint Sales
Chrono put out for Self Chrono
Compressed Air & CO2 Stations Open

10:00 PM
Store Closes
Compressed Air & CO2 Stations Close

Rec. Center Closes
All Generators must be turned off and no Loud Noise Tolerated Anyplace-Let People Sleep



7:00 AM
Store Opens for Pre-Registration and Registration and Paint Sales
Chronos, Compressed Air Stations, & CO2 Stations Open

9:00 AM
Tactical Training Seminars Start

11:00 AM
Tactical Training Seminars End

12:00 NOON
Safety Orientation and Game Rules Given at the STAGE

2:00 PM

7:00 PM

8:30 PM
Store Closes

Rec. Center Closes
All Generators must be turned off and no Loud Noise Tolerated Anyplace-Let People Sleep



8:00 AM
Store, Chronos, Compressed Air Station, CO2 Station, and Paint Sales, OPEN

9:25 AM
Chronos close for Safety Orientation

9:30 AM
Safety Orientation

10:00 AM
Capture the Flag

11:10 AM
Capture the Flag

12:20 PM
Capture the Flag

1:20 PM
Paint and Air Break

1:40 PM
Capture the Flag

2:50 PM
Capture the Flag

4:00 PM
Capture the Flag

5:30 PM
Capture the Flag Over
Store Closes