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Mandalorian Files: Pay Day (2016 August 20 to 2016 August 21)

Mandalorian Files: Pay Day (2016 August 20 to 2016 August 21)


Alliance - Lawrence "TB" Wright
Empire - Chris "Werewolf" Molles
Madalorians - 5x5

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810 Main St NE

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“Mandalorian Files: Payday” 
Prologue by 
Jonathan “Old Crow” Foust 

General Wolff sat in the darkened ready room of the Imperial Assault ship Lupus as it careened through hyperspace. A spicy mixture of Corellian brandy and Felucian peppercorns sat on the desk next to him, growing warm in the dim light of his desk lamp. The general stared intensely at a hologram hanging shakily in the air before him. The blue image was a series of planets slowly orbiting a dying star. Near the heart of the miniature solar system, a tiny speck seemed to race around the dim star, running faster than all of its sister satellites. 
“Hard to believe that tiny planet could be so important,” said Admiral Storm as he swirled his own glass before his face. 
Wolff didn’t break his stare. “The perfect place to hide pirate’s treasure.” 
Admiral Storm shook his head. “Mandalorians are a bit more than simple pirates, General. They’re some of the most feared mercenaries in the galaxy. Still, it all seems like more of a pursuit for adventure hunters than a man of your status.” 
The general finally looked away from the map. He smiled without humor. “My status? What even is my status any more? My 303rd Legion was poised to be the tip of the Emperor’s spear. Ever since Lord Vader took command of the 501st, my own men are scrambling for resources. Seizing this treasure cache would be a victory for me, for my men, and for the Empire.” 
Admiral Storm smiled. “And a big boot in the arse to Lord Vader. You’d better be careful stealing the thunder from a man as powerful as Vader.” 
Wolff returned the smile, this time with real warmth. “Let’s get this treasure on board, and then I’ll worry about Vader.”


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