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MCS AL-06 OP: Daybreak (2016 Jan 23 to 2016 Jan 24)

MCS AL-06 OP: Daybreak (2016 Jan 23 to 2016 Jan 24)

Subject : Operation-Daybreak

2053 - Intel reports that a high grade chemical and biological weapon has been acquired by a lesser known operational cell within and around the coordinates provided. This weapon is considered armed and quickly deployable. With an estimated immediate kill area of 50 kilometers and the ability of the agent to drift on continental winds, the danger to surrounding allied areas would be labled as "catastrophic" should this weapon be deployed.

Intel is currently trying to gather information on defensive fortifications in the target area as well as an approximate location of the device.

Command is currently in the decision making process for team size and loadout for a recovery mission to obtain the device.

All contacted assets should make ready to be deployed into hostile area. Expect heavy resisitance and a "HOT" insertion.

More details to follow, remain vigilant.


Operation : Daybreak is a single day mini-scenario featuring Modern Combat Sports equipment. This event will be MAG FED ONLY. First Strikes NOT permitted (due to insurance limitations). 


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