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NC VS FL MAGFED GAME (2018 Jan 27)

NC VS FL MAGFED GAME (2018 Jan 27)

This is open for all to come an play its based happing in GA

Hoppers Paintball & Airsoft

1579 Grove Point Rd, Savannah, Georgia 31419

The Violence meets the Legend

Event cost only $20

Event Rules

(1) Magfed Paintball Markers Only - Markers must feed from a detachable magazine. Markers should mimic in operation and function a real world firearm.
(2) A limited number of BoxMags allowed on field during each round.
(3) BoxMags can not be reload during a round. No paintball pods.
(4) Shields are allowed, but those carrying/using shield are limited to semi-automatic pistols only.
(5) First Strikes Are A Go! All other paint must be field paint only. They have Graffiti.
(6) All hits on the body count, player is out.
(7) Gun hits do not count, player is still in. But the marker is out for the rest of the round.

* Rules are subject to change, based largely on field approval.