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North TX MFSG (2016 June 25)

North TX MFSG (2016 June 25)

If there should be significant weather hazards, the call to cancel the meet up will be made the night before.

Game Number: 14
Date: Saturday, June 25
Start Time: 9 am
End Time (if needed): 5 pm
Hosted by: Reyes Soria, Gary Payne, Brian Minter, Serena Dang, Shane Rater, Este Guey
Field Name: Fun on the Run
Price: Field Fee, includes air - $19.99; Paint - $15 for 500 rounds GI or $19 for 500 rounds Graffiti
Field Phone: 817 238 0297
Field Address: 2621 Roberts Cut Off Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76114
Field City / Zip: , Fort Worth, TX 76114
Field FSR or BYOFSR? FSR not allowed.


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