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OP: End War 7 (2016 October 14 to 16 )

OP: End War 7 (2016 October 14 to 16 )

Modern Combat Sports wants to see you at Operation: End War 7, so we’re offering a deal too sweet to miss: entry packages that include a brand new Tacamo Bolt magazine-fed marker along with an all-access pass to the game, the campsites, and the weekend of adventure.

The seventh installment in the legendary Operation: End War, this event unfolds October 14th – 16th near Copperopolis, California, and will once again feature exclusive use of the Snake Pit Training Center’s world-class facility…and will again feature expert instruction and leadership from Calaveras Tactical, who train combat operators in the latest battlefield tactics.

The storyline picks up where Operation: End War 6 left off, with the Blue Team in possession of a captured nuclear weapon and the Red Team in control of the scientist and launch codes needed to use it. Over the course of the year, several attempts by both sides around the country have failed to change the balance of power. Now, the battle for post apocalyptic California comes down to this! It doesn’t get any more realistic than Operation: End War 7, a magfed event, at this premier facility…

…and it doesn’t get any sweeter than receiving a free magfed marker with every premium paid admission. That marker is the Tacamo Bolt, which uses the same internals as Tippmann 98, BT-4, and Valken SW-1 markers. Those are probably the most thoroughly tested, and battle-proven internal components in paintball, and the Tacamo Bolt makes the most of them in a package designed to accept the latest DMag and DMag Helix magazines…while providing the incredible adaptability that players demand.

You can modify your new Tacamo Bolt into a mission-adapted marker you can pick up and carry straight into the special missions at Operation: End War…or you can keep it handy as a backup. Back home, keep it ready as a loaner for friends and teammates to get into the magfed action alongside you, or sell it to finance your next big upgrade.

The premium entry package which includes the Tacamo Bolt is only $140—the same as the Bolt by itself…meaning that you can easily sell the Bolt to practically play for free in Operation: End War. Bring it to the event, and upgrade it to the devastating Tacamo Thunderbolt for an incredibly low promotional price!

Entry with your own gear is $100.

Reserve the appropriate entry package, and we’ll see you on October 14th – 16th

Join the fight with Modern Combat Sports!


Register at https://moderncombatsports.com/products/operation-end-war-7-registration


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