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OP: Inferno (2016 June 05 to 2016 June 06)

OP: Inferno (2016 June 05 to 2016 June 06)

MFOG-FL15 Operation Inferno
Darness Army vs Grim Army.

Mission 1 Skirmish:
Teams will exchange hostages, 2 escorts unarmed for the terms. 
Move the hostage back to the base. Eliminate the exchanged hostage.
Prepare a defensive force to secure the hostage way back;
Choose one assassin to hunt down the target;
The assassin will insert the field 15 minutes before the teams move into position and can stay anywhere at 100 feet away from the base. 
Teams will move to position 10 minutes before the game start. 
00:00/00:10skirmish and hostage exchange, as soon as the exchange happens, it's open season to hunt the target. 
00:10/00:20 teams will secure the generals way back to the base. 
00:20/00:30 The Generals will work on the strategies to the next mission. 
*score 100/50, if the General got killed scores 100, if not 50. 
* teams are not allowed to reload their mags. 

Mission 2 AMMO: 
Teams need to search and bring back to the base 1 hidden box in order to unlock the ammo supply. 
Teams are not allowed to reload the ammo after the skirmish; 
What you have is what you got; 
Select one defensive team to avoid the enemy team to retrieve their ammo supply and another to search for your team ammo supply; 
Both teams will know the targets location; 
Targets to be placed in even locations; 
00:20/00:30 strategy time 
00:30 teams leave the base, mission is a go; 
01:00 mission ends 
30 minutes. 
*score 100/50, unlock the ammo box 100 points, failed to unlock 50. 

00:15 break 

Mission 3 Bomb: 
Plant a Bomb in the specific target and protect your location. 
Each team will be given 1 bomb to be planted at the enemies territory, there will be given 3 locations for each teams choice to plant the bomb. 
00:00 teams leave the base; 
00:30 to accomplish the mission the bomb must be planted in one of the 3 targets, after the bomb is planted no body can move the bomb, after the bomb is planted teams can start to search for the codes to disable the bomb. 
*score 100 if bomb is planted, 50 if failed 
* if failed the bomb will be planted for the next mission regardless, but the team scores only 50 points. 

Mission 4 Codes: 
Boxes will be random placed at the field containing codes to disable the bombs, find the right code, open the box and disable the bomb. 
00:30 find the codes; 
*score 100/50 

00:15 break 

Mission 5 last man standing: 
Blow up the enemies base in a suicidal attack and eliminate as much targets as you can in the process. 
Every time the base is blown scores 100 points, there will be a horn inside of a box that must be used to signal the blown. 
00:00 teams leave the base 
00:30 game ends. 
*final score...


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