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Operation End War 10 (December 1st, 2019)

Operation End War 10 (December 1st, 2019)

MCS is proud to announce the 10th year anniversary of the longest-running mag-fed paintball event. This year the event will be produced by Raspawn Productions. Every registered player will receive a FREE .50 cal revolver to use at the event. Package includes a revolver, 5 magazines, a bag of 100 paintballs and 5 units of CO2 cartridge. When the event is over, you will have a FREE .50 cal revolver to take home to use as a backup or take a friend to the next game.

FREE player package contains:
- revolver
- 5 revolver magazines
- 5 CO2 cartridges (shoot up to 250 shots)
- bag of 100 paintballs
- Raffle ticket for over $1000 in prize

You can also participate in a 5 vs 5 single-elimination competition during the event. A true test of skills, every player will be using revolver no advantages, everyone is equal, only skill will matter

Cost: $99
Registration: Contact Eder, email Eder.mejia1324@gmail.com or  call +16195916576
Produced By: Respawn Productions
Location: Giant San Diego Paintball, Lakeside, CA