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Operation Urban Angel (2017 April 22-23)

Operation Urban Angel (2017 April 22-23)

Operation Urban Angel a Magfed only paintball competition brought to you by Redheads Paintball. This event will be a small team tactical urban warfare competition. Does your team have what it takes?

Sign up your team or we'll put you on a team if you don't have one. 5 people per team. 

$35 entry per person. Sign up by April 2nd and receive a free mission patch. Entry includes all day HPA. Co2 is not available but you may provide your own.

Field Paint Only: Nelson Custom Blend Paint - $15 per bag or $45 per case. $10 BYO First Strike fee.

Don't have a magfed gun? Don't worry, you can use ours. $10 rental fee. Includes mask, gun, and three magazines. 

---------------------------GAME DETAILS----------------------------- 

Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico. One of the most violent and deadly cities on the planet. This location is well known for its high murder rate, drug related deaths, and kidnapping for ransom. 

Back Story: 
The Sinaloa Cartel captured the municipal president for ransom. The ransom was going to be met but the drop didn’t go as planned. Members of the vigilante group Juarez Citizens Command took it upon themselves to attack the cartel at the time of the drop. President Escobar escaped, presumably unharmed, and is held up in the city waiting extraction. 

Mission Brief: 
Your team’s mission is to extract Juarez City Municipal President Enrique Serrano Escobar ALIVE. President Escobar has been located via surveillance satellite and his location will be given prior to departure. President Escobar’s safety is of the utmost priority. The Sinaloa Cartel will be attempting to assassinate the president once he has been recovered. 
Additionally, there are three pieces of critical intel about the Sinaloa Cartel that the President has hidden in the city that must be retrieved if at all possible. Bonuses will be paid for the retrieval of this intel. All must be returned to the rendezvous point for extraction from the city. 
This area contains both hostile cartel and innocent civilians. Civilians must not be targeted. Any civilian deaths or injury could cause an international incident and potentially lead to war. 
If you are shot, captured, or killed, the US government will deny any knowledge of your mission. All passports, ID’s and personal items must be surrendered before departing. 
Rules of Engagement: 
Civilians in the vigilante group Juarez Citizens Command and members of the Sinaloa Cartel will all be visibly armed. You will not engaged any armed persons until one of the following happen. 
• You are fired upon. Only engage the attacker. 
• You have positive confirmation of a firearm being pointed at you or a team member. 
• If a firearm being carried by a civilian is in a “low ready” position you can count that as an aggressive move and discretion will be used to prevent shooting an innocent civilian. 
It is strongly recommended that your team stays together. Both members of the Juarez Citizens Command and the Sinaloa Cartel may feel the need to attack as neither group trusts any paramilitary operators. There can be no retaliation on such attack. 
Also, watch out for “booby traps”. 
Your team will have 15 minutes to complete these tasks. 
Good luck!

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