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Paintball 4 Kids (2016 May 22 to 2016 May 23)

Paintball 4 Kids (2016 May 22 to 2016 May 23)

4th Annual Paintball for Kids


The official facebook group for the "Paintball for Kids" fund raiser event! 2016 date is set to be May 22nd at SNL Paintball Games, everything is going towards a great cause so come on out, and tell a friend. Even if you have never played paintball before, it's a great time to start and give it a try! Details below!

$20 - Registration (goes towards donation at end of event)
$20 / $25 - Bag of Paint (for every bag sold, a bit better then 50% goes towards donation)

$10 - Gear rental (Vic at S.N.L. Paintball Games will be handling all gear rentals, rental gets you a Mask, Marker and Air for the day)

*Special Rules* 

Semi-Auto/pump Rate of Fire only 
Max of 8 balls per second 
Max Velocity 265 FPS 

These rules are to insure that there is very limited to no over shooting, where this is a fund raising event for children, we want it to be as fun for everyone as we can manage. We are expecting some younger and first time players, and we would like to make their experience as enjoyable as possible and to hopefully encourage them to keep playing and growing paintball as a sport :)


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