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Quest for Neverland (2016 April 02 to 2016 April 03)

Quest for Neverland (2016 April 02 to 2016 April 03)

April 2nd & 3rd 2016

entry starts at $35

Eric Engler (Hook) and Richard "Mamba" Money (Smee) 
Steven "Str8shooter" Armstrong (Peter Pan) and Maureen "Bond Chick" Armstrong (Tinkerbell)

Info for hotel and eating

With these hotels, tell them you are booking for "QUEST FOR NEVERLAND" (we will try to add more)

Howard Johnson Perry Ga 
100 Marketplace Drive, I-75 exit 136, Perry, GA 31069 
(478) 987-8400 

Days Inn Perry Near Fairgrounds 
200 Valley Dr, Building A, Perry, GA 31069 

Econo Lodge 
102 Valley Drive, Perry, GA 31069 
(478) 987-2142 

Saturday night, you can take your player card into Applebees and recieve 10% off you ticket cost minus any alcohol drinks. 

Eateries - 

100 Valley Dr, Perry GA 31069 
10% off for showing your players card 

“Quest for Neverland” 
Prologue By 
Jonathan “Old Crow” Foust 

As he flew high above his army, Peter looked down on their crooked ranks of jostling bodies. There was no military order to this rabble, they were not an army in any traditional sense, but they were good boys! Fiery and feisty, dirty and barefoot, dressed in rags and football gear, robes and pajamas, they marched and fought and skipped toward the coast. 
Peter knew that his old enemy would be there… somewhere. This was the army that would defeat him. Not an army of men- for men could not be trusted- but an army of boys and girls. An army of children who refused to grow up could never be defeated by those old stiff-lipped adults, and Peter was about to prove it. 
A sound rose to his ears from below as he looped through the clouds, considering his strategy and praising his wonderful army in his head. It was not the sound of angry activity or of war… It was the sound of singing. 
Yes, this would be the army that defeated that scoundrel once and for all. This would be the army that finally made Neverland free from fear. The army of Peter Pan! 

The candle on the table guttered and danced, throwing its dim rays around the room like angry fireflies. The room rose and fell slowly with the tide as the massive pirate ship rolled over each swell. Muffled by layers of lumber, a ship’s bell sounded dimly indicating the time. A sharp metallic sound rang out within the room. A rhythmic scrape of metal on stone sounded out again and again- shrrrRRRP… shrrrRRRP… shrrrRRRP! 
The door burst open. Mr. Smee came bumbling into the Captain’s Cabin like a pig from a chute. “Cap’n! Cap’n!” he cried. 
The Captain looked up slowly from under the great brim of his crimson hat. Shadows seemed to hang from his brows and swing from his cheeks as his dark eyes pierced the gloom. “What is it?” he spat. 
“It’s Peter, Sir. We’ve found him. He’s raising an army of Lost Boys, Cap’n, and they’re heading for the coast!” 
The Captain looked down at his work. At last he would get the showdown he had been awaiting. At last, no more cat and mouse. “Smee,” he said coldly, “load the cannon and make way for the coast. Peter Pan will soon be mine!” 
Captain Hook smiled a sharp, crooked smile without a drop of humor in it. He observed as the sun glinted off his shining steel hook. He once more placed the keen edge to the sharpening stone and pulled it toward him- shrrrRRRP… shrrrRRRP… shrrrRRRP!


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