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REAPERS Magfed - WAR OF SIX CITIES (September 14, 2019)

REAPERS Magfed - WAR OF SIX CITIES (September 14, 2019)

War of Six Cities 1329-69 Year 2137

This war has been going on for so long no one remembers why it started. There are rumors, whispers and stories but none can actually be traced back to the beginning. Nations crumbled and new governments were formed, from the remaining strong hold Cities and major Corporations. The Last 6 Strong hold Cities on the world. The Coalition of Federated Governments has formed The Republic of Tarsus and is fighting against the Star Soviets.

...... but they are defending now, having been pushed......borders they are waiting patiently ......... jump back into the WAR.

There are 3 ....... locations ........ controlled and searched thoroughly for plans ..........been lost. These plans are the only ...... plans that describe .......Star Ships .........speed. Something Called .......Gate keeps....... intercepted communications and whispers among all the Cities. No one knows ........ what it is.

......journal, which is reported to have been torn into 6 pieces and hidden in ....... DMZ or somewhere off planet.

Game Rules War of Six Cities

No box mags 
No full auto 
No shields 
No hoppers 
Marker hits don't count as a kill
No smoke grenades 
Surrenders are optional 
Spot checks will be in affect during the day anyone caught shooting hot will be removed from game for the day
No blind firing 
No plastic props are to be used
Field paint only
Bring your own first strike rounds 
FSR 280 fps
Round ball 280 fps
Spawns will be active every 5 mins
Players upon being hit must return to appropriate spawn 
Players must wear appropriate color tape or armband fully visible 
Players can be tagged out with rubber props
Aka- rubber knives, rubber swords and rubber axes 
Capture points
3 capture points will be active as soon a game start
Capture points will be held for 15 min intervals 
Capture points will be worth 1 point per minute that a team holds the point 
Capture points will be held until flag is raised to appropriate color is raised
Capture points will be moved around map every 15 mins
Only game producers are allowed to move capture points