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Shadow Wars (2018 AUGUST 25)

Shadow Wars (2018 AUGUST 25)

August 25th & 26th, 2018
Viper 26-Hr. Scenario 'SHADOW WARS'
The SHADOW (Supreme Hierarchy for Absolute Domination Of the World) has been around for longer than most realize. Wherever there has been an armed conflict in the world, it has been The SHADOW that has fed the fire, often selling to both opponents. They have made it their practice to provide just enough of the “tools of war” to keep the battle going without resulting in victory for either side. In this way, they produce customers, and then drain their governments or organizations of every penny before “disappearing” and leaving the two war-torn foes to rebuild on the charred soil of a wasted battleground. It is even believed that they advanced their tactics about three or four decades ago and have actually instigated conflicts between third world countries when “business was slow” in order to assure that they had buyers for their “wares.”


By recognizing how easily mankind is incited to war, The SHADOW has made the governments of the world, as well as many angry independent factions, their own private board game. Pitting one government against the other “for fun and profit.” In allowing ourselves to be nothing more than “toy soldiers” to be manipulated by this mysterious and underhanded organization, we have financed the possible implement of our own destruction.

Now we zoom in on the map to the border between Yellowvania and Redislavia. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for these two tiny nations a large amount of uranium has been discovered on the most contested part of the border between them. While this is of minor consequence to the rest of the world, it is of vast importance to these two countries as it could be the economic boost that will bring them into the modern age and make them, in some small part, a global player.

Of course, the SHADOW has already gotten wind of this and is “in play.” As both sides battle to mine what they can get to, The SHADOW is more than happy to take all of it in exchange for weapons. They have more than enough connections to be able to trade it on the black market. Meanwhile both nations vie for control of the area and hope that they can vanquish their opponent and still have enough uranium left to fulfil their goals.

Who will emerge the real winners….Redislavia, Yellowvania, or The Shadow? Come help decide as world-famous Hell Survivors Paintball Playfield, and Viper Paintball, bring you “ SHADOW Wars!”