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Smoldering Steel: Venezuela (2017 May 27)

Smoldering Steel: Venezuela (2017 May 27)



Operation Smoldering Steel was viewed as a success on a governmentallevel,but strategically it was an ultimate failure. The results of that operation ended with one warhead being detonated near Donestk,and one warhead being lost to Colonel Semyan. The Colonel and the remnants of his units have scattered into the wind shortly after the emergency extraction of the Coalition forces from the area. After several months of following his movements around the Ukraine our analysts lost track of him. The last confirmed area he was traced to was Sevastopol, after that Semyan and the warhead’s location are unknown.

The CIA has uncovered rumorsthat the “Cartel de los Soles” arelooking to acquire a WMD. Considering the recent events, this mightbe a lead onSemyan or at the very least the missing warhead. The CIA’s current intel on the Cartel de los Soles is that they are associated with the Venezuelan Army,and are responsible for the major cocaine traffic in the region.

After Chavez’s death Venezuela wasleft with his successor Nicolas Maduro,and hosted a new election thathad controversial results. The economy began crumbling under his administration with the world’s highest Inflation, U.S. Sanctions on high-rankingofficials, food shortages, lack of water and electricity services, and a slump in the oil price worldwide. Whichlead to a spike in the crime rate and looting. This has given Venezuela the agenda of furthering their military capabilities and to acquire other resources to strengthen their armed forces.

Additional intel reports indicate that Venezuela is also in serious negotiations for equipment and support with the governments of Russia, China, and North Korea. An order of BM-30 Smerch has already been completed and delivered. An increasedorder of SU-35s is still under negotiations as well. Ex-Russian Military Officers have beenseen amongst the Venezuelan troops as of late, not to mention several leading members of the black market and drug cartels. This build up is indicative of an expected conflict in the future. Combined with the back channel attempts at a WMD there may be an offensive in the works for the Venezuelan military.

General Graper, this is your mess, CLEAN