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Splat Ninjas 6 (2016 May 28 to 2016 may 29)

Splat Ninjas 6 (2016 May 28 to 2016 may 29)

Contact info: 7148876464 for Michael, in case you need to call. 

Welcome to the 6th Installment of SPLAT NINJAS!

Because Steve is a nice guy and only charges us 25 bucks, price will be 30 dollars for this event. 25 to play and 5 for extra paint and tips to the refs etc. 

This time, we are meeting on a Holiday Weekend, so bring in family form out of town if they are so inclined!

Thanks for a great time last SPLAT NINJAS. This time we are heading back to Extreme Pros in Garden Grove. This will be an EVENING game. The reason is that it is now getting hot, and I'd like a chance for it to cool of a little before our kiddos starting running around.

Steve was super cool last time and the kids got in a trememdous number of games at the private indoor field he owns and operates. Steve has even been so gracious as to load the markers for the kids between games! 

As parents know who came last time, parking can at times be a practice in Zen, so if there is no parking in front of the shop and the nursery (the shop and field are side businesses of the nursery), feel free to park at any of the nearby shopping centers. There are plenty within a short walk. Or carpooling is good too. 

I plan to introduce a few new games this time, inlcuding new props. Also, I plan on having the kids work on snap shooting a little as a skill component. Most kids will be using pumps as Extreme Pros, so this is an excellent time to teach the skill. 

I can't wait to see you all! 

If some parents wouldn't mind bringing coolers and ice and maybe some drinks to share that would also help keep all the kids hydrated. I generally bing cases of water, but I don't always have enough cooler space for it all. 

<Sticky Note> 

As some of our players have played a few games with us now, I am also allowing the kids and their parents that have been on the field a few times to try to design their own objectives and games starting this Splat Ninjas Event. 

To do so, have your parents get in touch with me and we can talk about it. Props that I personally have that can be used on the field: foam grenades, light sabers, umbrellas (think shields), a riot shield, small flags, large standards, coolers. 


This is an event geared towards getting kids away from the TV and Video Games and onto the field. SPLAT NINJAS provides a chance for kids ages 7 and up to not only play paintball, but also to learn keys skills all while having fun. Kids will learn how to use their markers effectively, how and when to advance on the field, how to use terrain, and most of all how to work together with their friends and teammates. Sportsmanship is a key aspect of the SPLAT NINJAS events. We want kids to get an early start in the sport that we love while also nurturing the sense of honor and community that we wish to grow our future players. 
SPLAT NINJAS follow the Paintball Lite standards of the GIANT TACTICAL parks. We use .50 cal markers that shoot smaller paintballs than the standard .68 cal markers used on most fields. Morever, the markers have been turned down to shoot at half the velocity. This allows younger players to have all the fun without the fear of being hurt. We want to encourage new players, not scare them away. 
All ages are welcome to all SPLAT NINJA events. During the portions of the day alloted to teaching, over time we will learn what skills each student needs or wants to work on and help them to become a well-rounded player. During field play times, which will often be the majority of the events, members will be divied up between the two sides to ensure that no side has an unfair skill or age advantage. 
The SPLAT NINJAS are thrilled to be working with GIANT TACTICAL and volunteers from the community to make these events available to our future players. 

PLAY: Starts at or around 10am. Please arrive at 9am so that I cant get all the paperwork turned in and the ref briefed. Last time we had to wait a bit. Please be punctual so that we can get on the field ASAP! Seriously, GET TO THE PARK AT 9AM. Get there early if you want, I can always use help getting things together. 

COST: 35 dollars for a day of play for each participant. Fees INCLUDE mask, marker, entry, air, and paint. 30 goes to the park and 5 to me to buy more paint for us to use. What I buy is better than the field paint that they give us and occasionally smells like bananas. 

This is one of th best ways to spend $35.00 on the planet. 

Pretty much everything you need to play will be provided. 

WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothing that can get dirty, good shoes to run in, sun screen, drinks, snacks, a hat or some kind of headwear is suggested, bring whatever medicine that you might need if you have a condition such as allergies, etc.. 

PARENTS AND OTHER ADULTS are welcome to play with the kids, enjoy a day of paintball with the walk-on groups, or just hang out at the park. In the future parents might be allowed to drop their kids off at the park and run errands, etc. but not at this meeting. Parents are encouraged to adhere to common sense standards of sportsmanship and avoid trash talking and profanity. Though GIANT TACTICAL does allow smokng in the parking lots, parents and other adults agree by their participation not to smoke while at a SPLAT NINJAS event. I don't want our members dealing with smoke, especially since some people are allergic or have asthma. 


I will add more information on how to register at a later time once the details are further hashed out with GIANT TACTICAL. Until then please respond to the invite here to provide working numbers that I can use to reserve equipment from the parks. PLEASE RESPOND TO THE RSVP THEN LIST HOW MANY PARTICIPANTS YOU WILL BE BRINGING IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. This will further help me with planning.


Email info@mcsus.com event information to add your event to this page