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Tet Offensive (2016 June 11 to 2016 June 13)

Tet Offensive (2016 June 11 to 2016 June 13)

"Crack the Sky, Shake the Earth"

— Message to communist forces who were informed that they were "about to inaugurate the greatest battle in the history of our country". 

It was 1968 and the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces marched on their quest for the takeover of South Vietnam, thus marking the turning point of the Vietnam War. 

Attacks ... costly failures. Provinces ... set ablaze. 
Life-long friends and neighbors ... crushed by the campaigns of war. 

With the battles for the two northernmost provincial capitals in South Vietnam, Quang Tri City and Hue going on, Saigon, the national capital, quaked in the throngs of war. Six major battle-scorned conflicts ensued during the war with the eminent attack of Saigon on the horizon. 

Decisive decisions were made by the US Forces and South Vietnam as the struggle to avoid the weight of the inevitable crumble closed in. 

Your Generals: 
Leading the U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietman (MACV) 
James "Skeletor" Davis of SoCal Ghosts 

Leading the Northern Command Forces 
Brian "Jazzoius" Kosala of the Grey Knights


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