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Texas’ Three Army Fortress Seige (2018 AUGUST 4)

Texas’ Three Army Fortress Seige (2018 AUGUST 4)

This will be a one-day event. Pre registration will be $30. Walkon will be $40.


This new and unique event will be a fortress siege in the largest purpose-build paintball fortress in the world. It’s a steel octagon over two-hundred feet across! There will be THREE commanders. Each commander will take a turn defending the fortress against the other two armies, who will band together to attack. No medics. No engineers. No demo techs. No sniper cards. No helicopters. No heavy weapons. No smoke to be thrown inside the fortress.
Rounds will last a maximum of two hours. The first battle will start at 11am. The second will start at 2pm. The final one will start at 5pm.
Field boundaries will be large enough for the battle, but not much larger than what is necessary to maneuver outside of range of the defenders inside the fortress. Attackers will start from their hospital. Defenders will start, and stay, within the fortress. A LRRP of 20 players will be allowed to start the battle at a designated point outside the fortress, but each one must return to the fortress, for the duration of the battle, as soon as they are eliminated.

Reinsertions: There is no “window.” If you are inside when it opens you reenter play. If you are outside of it when it opens you must enter and wait until the next insertion. Defenders will insert from their hospital, within the fortress, every ten minutes. This remains unchanged throughout the game. Attackers start from their unified hospital and insert every 20 minutes.

Gameplay and Scoring: The defending army will have four “Steel Fortress” flags posted outside the fortress on four corners. If the attackers can successfully retrieve all four flags, and turn them in at their hospital, the time between ATTACKER reinsertions will be reduced to every fifteen minutes. Each of these flags is worth 25 points against the defenders.

There will be a “Viper Paintball” flag inside the main gate of the fortress in sight of the attackers. If the attackers can retrieve this flag, and turn them in at their hospital, will reduce the time between ATTACKER reinsertions to every ten minutes. This flag is also worth 100 points.

Capturing one flag from the “keep” inside the fortress, and turning it at their hospital, will reduce the attacker reinsertion time to five minutes.

The siege is complete when BOTH armies reach the inner fortress and replace the two defender flags with BOTH of their attacker flags.

At the end of the day the army that defends the fortress the longest will win. In the event that more than one army is able to defend for the entire two hours then flag points will come into play to determine the winner.







Contact Information

P.O. Box 461
Winnsboro, Texas 75494

Phone: 903-573-3020