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The Island Scenario Paintball - Rio Vista, CA - April 24th

The Island Scenario Paintball - Rio Vista, CA - April 24th


Immersive military themed Camping and Paintball event in the California Sacramento Delta. No refs, no elimination, no drama; but lots of fun for both novice and experienced simulation scenario wargamers organized by Direct Action Events (DAE) and conducted by volunteers.



Friday through Sunday event (Saturday Paintball)

Camping and bathroom facilities CO2, HPA, and paint.

Saturday Breakfast, lunch, and celebration bonfire dinner Beverages



During this community event you will be organized into combat teams by our volunteer Handlers, briefed on operation details, equipped accordingly, and deployed by boat to conduct your missions. Operatives will be tasked to execute beach assaults, disable weapons of mass destruction, capture terrorist data, set demolition charges, rescue down pilots, escort VIPs, conduct recon, capture/kill Persons of Interest, and of course eliminate all threats that come between you and your objective.



Friday Afternoon (14:00): Public Camp setup, briefing, boat training, rest and relaxation.

Friday Evening/Night (18:00-24:00): Low intensity night missions (airsoft springers)

Saturday Morning (10:00-12:00): High intensity beach landings (paintball)

Saturday Afternoon (12:00-16:00): Medium intensity mixed missions (paintball)

Saturday Evening (16:00-20:00): High intensity mixed missions (paintball)

Saturday Night (20:00): Return to Public Campground, bonfire bbq



-This is a military simulation event, and efforts will be made to maintain an informal 'combat zone' atmosphere during the duration. Participants will meet and stage at a public campground, then be transported by boat to the battlefield. At the battlefield, all areas not otherwise marked as 'safe area' are considered live fire zones. Masks are required at all times outside of safe areas at the combat zone.

-Missions: Throughout the event, participants will be broken into teams and directed on missions with defined objectives, timelines, and rules of engagement (example: Escort VIP from grid X4 to A3; if hit die in place for a 120 count then move away from opposition to respawn and continue on mission. If VIP is hit, a touch will restore him. You have 30 minutes.)

-Hits: Your actions upon being hit will be dictated by your mission and could be anything from 'ignore them' to 'sit down in the shade for a 2min break'. At no time will any hit result in a long walk to respawn or a mission failure. Hits are merely a mission inconvenience and should be accepted accordingly to keep the game going. If in doubt, take the hit, play up the death, and then get on with your mission. There will be multiple drones and cameras filming, don't be that guy who blows the scene! There will be no formal refs to police you, and play will be based on the honor system. Poor sportsmanship, overkill, hot guns, or ignoring accepted orders will result in immediate ejection without refund. Game the mission NOT the system.

-Communication: This is a community event and open communication between all parties is essential for both safety and a good time. If during the event you have any concerns, suggestions, or ideas that can improve safety or add to the fun PLEASE SPEAK UP!

-Close combat: Not allowed! No touching or coming within 5' of any opposition. No foam/buffer weapons. If a mission requires contact, equipment and defined rules of engagement will be provided for THAT specific task.

-Equipment: NO CLEATS! (You will be in and out of zodiac boats, they don't float well with holes in them). .68/.50/.43 paintball and FSR limit at 310fps. All smoke products legal if thrown in water, safety smoke and non-flame grenades legal everywhere. Full auto legal. No neon/chrome speedball guns please.