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War of Six Cities: TECH WARS (October 10th, 2020)

War of Six Cities: TECH WARS (October 10th, 2020)


MATT'S OUTBACK PAINTBALL Home of the REAPERS Magfed team, a Sapper G and Trauma Hawk production. The second iteration in the Saga. Simple missions, rules to follow, not for the weak. Recover the War Banners, look for the lost tech boxes and recover the ......www.Warofsixcities.com

MFOG War of Six Cities:TECH WARS
ENTRY FEE $35.00 pay day of the event.
FSR & Roundball available
Free air all day
Beverages for purchase, No Alcohol

Raffle Tickets
1 for $1.00
6 for $5.00
12 for $10.00
24 for $20.00

Game Rules War of Six Cities

No box mags
No full auto
No shields
No hoppers
Marker hits don't count as a kill
No smoke grenades
Surrenders are optional
Spot checks will be in affect during the day anyone caught shooting hot will be removed from game for the day
No blind firing
No plastic props are to be used
Field paint only
Bring your own first strike rounds
FSR 280 fps
Round ball 280 fps
Spawns will be active every 5 mins
Players upon being hit must return to appropriate spawn
Players must wear appropriate color tape or armband fully visible
Players can be tagged out