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Zero Hour V (2018 May 4)

Zero Hour V (2018 May 4)

Zero Hour V is the 5th game in the Zero Hour series. This will be an exclusive Mag-fed only game (MFOG).

Pre-Registration Link (Paintball can also be ordered with registration): https://capitalcombatzone.com/product/zero-hour-v/
First Strike Preorder Link: https://www.tricityextreme.com/shop-2/events/zero-hour-v-first-strike-pre-order/
Paintball Preorder Link: https://capitalcombatzone.com/product/zero-hour-v-paintballs/

Game Information Below:

Meet & Greet: Time Starts at 12:00 PM – Walk the field, pick up paint and check in with registration.
Night Game: TBA

Gates Open: 7:00 AM
Briefing: 8:00 AM
Game Starts: 10:00 AM
Lunch: 1:00 PM
Game Resumes: 2:00PM
Game Over: 4:00PM (Post Game, Raffles)

Gates Open: 7:00 AM
Briefing: 8:00 AM
Game Starts: 10:00 AM
Lunch: Eat on your own time.
Game Over: 4:00 PM (Post Game, Raffles)

• Times subject to change
• Night Game Information: TBA
General Rules:
- Field MAX VELOCITY will be 280 FPS. No one is to chronograph their marker above that number. If you use First Strike, you must chronograph your marker with First Strike.

* ZERO TOLERANCE is in effect.

- NO PODS will be allowed in gameplay. You will be able to store extra ammo (pods, boxes, bags, etc) at your Spawn base or at a Forward Operating Base (FOB).
*Exception to the rule will be Airbow markers

- No restriction on the amount of paint you can carry at one time.

- Friendly fire - isn't. Friendly fire will eliminate your teammate.

- Shield Regulation: Anyone is allowed to use a shield; you will only be allowed to use a pistol when using a shield. Max dimensions for a shield is 26 INCHES WIDE by 46 INCHES HIGH. (Amount allowed per side will be determined by Game Producers)

- Gun Hits: Gun hits will not count as a kill, your weapon will be disabled, you can switch to another weapon. If you do not have a secondary, you can either keep playing without a weapon or head back to spawn to re-spawn.

- Thunder B's: Thunder B's are allowed but WILL NOT COUNT AS A KILL. This is merely a distraction tool. Do not throw into any enclosed spaces.

- Paint Grenades: Paint Grenades will eliminate any player hit by a dime size splatter, including friendlies.

- Due to the nature of the field, medics are not included in gameplay.

- Players may not stick a barrel through a hole behind cover and fire. You must look at where you are shooting.

- Smoke: Smoke grenades will be allowed, please allow a few seconds for sparks to die out once the pin is pulled before throwing. Do not throw into enclosed space.

- Due to the nature of the field, no nerf launchers are allowed.

- Melee eliminations are allowed via light tap. Rubber knives, nerf bats, etc. Protip: Don't be a dick.

- Conventional Mag-Fed markers allowed. Ex: Milsig, Maxtact, Rap4/MCS, Tiberius/First Strike, Carmatech, Tippmann ( Tipx, TCR, TMC), Dye (DAM), CCM SSR, etc.

- Milsig Tempest will count as a regular magazine

- Hoppers, tac-caps, stick feeds NOT allowed.

- Internal permanent tube-fed markers allowed. Ex: Dukie DSG, etc.

- External tubes allowed in specific cases. Ex: Hammer 7 ”Shotgun” builds, Airbow, T68 pistol, Zeus G2

- Breach loaded markers allowed. Ex: CCM SSR/SR1

- Revolver style markers allowed. Ex: Dukie DRV

- Box-magazines that are fed through the magazine well, allowed. Box-mag users will be limited to a certain amount per side, you will have to be designated as a “Heavy Gunner” to use box-mags. Q loaders fall under Box Magazine rules.

- Pumps allowed with Mag-Fed adapters. Ex: ADN Adapter

*Any questions for custom builds should be directed at Game Producers
Pre-registration Link: https://capitalcombatzone.com/product/zero-hour-v/

- The month of January: $60 - Included 2 Day Admission (Plus Friday/ Night Game), All Day Air, Event Patch, 7 Raffle Tickets.

- The month of February: $70 - Included 2 Day Admission (Plus Friday/ Night Game), All Day Air, Event Patch, 4 Raffle Tickets.

- The month of March & April: $75 - Included 2 Day Admission (Plus Friday/ Night Game), All Day Air, 1 Raffle Ticket.

- Day of Event - $80 - 2 Day Admission (Plus Friday/ Night Game), All Day Air
- Day of Event - $40 - 1 Day Admission (Plus Friday/ Night Game), All Day Air

*** Pre-registration ends Friday, April 20th, 2018 ***

* Event Patches will be limited to the first 50 registered players on each team. (50 Blue, 50 Red)

* Extra patches may be available for purchase on Game Day depending on Supplies


- First Strike must be ordered on Tri-City Extreme page: https://www.tricityextreme.com/shop-2/events/zero-hour-v-first-strike-pre-order/

- There will be a cutoff date for pre-orders on First Strike, you should pre-order FS in order to ensure yourself a box on game day.
Date: TBA
Helicopter Ride:
Ever dreamt of riding in a helicopter and raining down paint on you enemies? Now you can! You will have a chance to ride a helicopter and shoot down at your foes!

The best part is that all profits will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

(More Information TBA)